Lako Bukia

Lako Bukia for Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

I was warned before the show started that at the end there would be a bang and a string of confetti would come out from above the photographer’s pit. I was expecting it. Yet it still made me jump and scream and I missed the shots of the confetti streaming down!

However this show was a nicely choreographed one as it wasn’t a simple up and down the runway. The models went up, and then went back to the halfway point and stood in the middle of the runway and stayed there for a while which made for more interesting images rather than the standard walking up and then back down shots.
And I appreciate creativity, rather like Carlotta’s smokey runway.

However, the make-up and the clothing is what sold this show to me also. Anything Japanesy inspired is an instant love for me so I fell in love with the make-up and the hair. I just wish I knew how to do it all so I could flex the ponytails these girls were wearing.

Notion Magazine Coverage: Lako Bukia


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