Uniqlo Shoot

I have recently purchased a new camera! A Canon EOS 5D MK2. And I know I haven’t blogged for a while but it is because I haven’t really used my new camera yet. But today I did a shoot!

I did a shoot for Hannah Townsend who is doing a degree in Fashion Styling. Most of the clothing is from high street brand Uniqlo and Hannah has modelled, as well as done the makeup, and we also got our friend Steve to model also.
I’m happy Hannah chose me to be the photographer for her project, and I just hope her AND Uniqlo like my images.

Here are some examples:


Nandhani Creations – Editorial

These are some favourite shots of mine that I took for Nandhani Creations. Nandhani Creations is the work of Master’s student in Fashion Design, Nandhani and she hired me to shoot the lookbook and editorial.
These are a few shots from the editorial side of things. She wanted her outfits to be photographed in everyday situations, so we did different scenarios for different outfits.
For a sporty outfit we did unlocking a bike from it’s chain. We did other scenarios such as talking on the phone, waiting for somebody, drawing cash out. Things you would do in everyday life so that her outfits appealed to a wider market rather than just the fashion conscious.

Model: Emmira Ob
MUA: Amber Termeulen

Elle: Edited by the Interns

So, Elle UK are holding a major competition where interns can edit an issue.

One of the options is to shoot an editorial for this issue.


So could you all please check out my entry at Kaye Ford, Intern 2012 and ‘like’ it via Facebook, or tweet it please, or ‘pin’ it if you have pinterest.
It would mean so much to me if I had the chance to photograph for Elle UK.
It is a magazine I subscribe to and I just adore it so.

I have already achieved my dream of photographing LFW. I need to achieve this dream now.

Thank you for your time and if you do help me out please feel free to comment below also 😀