Steve Test Shoot



Sophie Connelly MUA.
Jenna Hollins model
Adrian Pini Studio

These are some shots of Jenna from my Lana Del Rey inspired shoot which was all Sophie Connelly’s brilliant idea! I just brought my creative input to the table and added the flowers as well as the smoke machine as this was the darker makeup look of the 3 that we shot one evening.
I added the smoke machine as I have always wanted to shoot with one, but also it really befits the fact it was all inspired by Lana. She’s always described as quite smokey.
I really love these images!
What do you think?

Swan Princess


These were my Final degree project prints that I ended up displaying at the AOP gallery.
They are very personal self portraits which were inspired by the movie “Black Swan”.
They are meant to be displayed as a triptych, representing the Black Swan and the White Swan from Swan Lake, the ballet.
The Black Swan is promiscuous and devious. The White Swan is innocent and pure.