New Portfolio Images

The theme for this shoot was ‘Suicide Blonde’

Think dirty and edgy rock chicks. Blondie, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love. All of those 90’s grunge rock icons

I hope you enjoy the shots!


Snaps of the Campaign

Today I shot a campaign for Iamafterit. Iamafterit is a UK jewellery company and I was photographing their SS13 collection ๐Ÿ™‚
Here are some snaps behind the scenes!


Published… Again again!


I have been published within Notion magazine again!
This time it was for a commissioned shoot rather than images from LCM or LFW.

And as you can see, I also received a contributor’s section with a little bit about myself!

I will get a proper scan of my contributor’s section, as well as my luxe grooming editorial for them, on my blog soon!

Nandhani Creations – Editorial

These are some favourite shots of mine that I took for Nandhani Creations. Nandhani Creations is the work of Master’s student in Fashion Design, Nandhani and she hired me to shoot the lookbook and editorial.
These are a few shots from the editorial side of things. She wanted her outfits to be photographed in everyday situations, so we did different scenarios for different outfits.
For a sporty outfit we did unlocking a bike from it’s chain. We did other scenarios such as talking on the phone, waiting for somebody, drawing cash out. Things you would do in everyday life so that her outfits appealed to a wider market rather than just the fashion conscious.

Model: Emmira Ob
MUA: Amber Termeulen


Sophie Connelly MUA.
Jenna Hollins model
Adrian Pini Studio

These are some shots of Jenna from my Lana Del Rey inspired shoot which was all Sophie Connelly’s brilliant idea! I just brought my creative input to the table and added the flowers as well as the smoke machine as this was the darker makeup look of the 3 that we shot one evening.
I added the smoke machine as I have always wanted to shoot with one, but also it really befits the fact it was all inspired by Lana. She’s always described as quite smokey.
I really love these images!
What do you think?

Snaps of the fairytale day


Snaps of my shoot today!

This was my Red Riding Hood shoot for model Joy’s portfolio.

I was working with Rowenna Gill the makeup artist again and she created some magic on Joy indeed! Very strong and beautiful!

Such a great shoot in Hyde Park.

Keep looking out for the sneak peeks!

Swan Princess


These were my Final degree project prints that I ended up displaying at the AOP gallery.
They are very personal self portraits which were inspired by the movie “Black Swan”.
They are meant to be displayed as a triptych, representing the Black Swan and the White Swan from Swan Lake, the ballet.
The Black Swan is promiscuous and devious. The White Swan is innocent and pure.