New Portfolio Images

The theme for this shoot was ‘Suicide Blonde’

Think dirty and edgy rock chicks. Blondie, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love. All of those 90’s grunge rock icons

I hope you enjoy the shots!


Pretty in Punk

I haven’t posted on here since LFW! I have been doing work, trust me. Just some of it I am not allowed to publish yet until the images themselves have been used

However, one thing I can post is a little test shoot I did inspired by Vivienne Westwood herself. I love the punk age/punk era/punk music, so for me, this test shoot idea seemed a natural fit

I worked with an amazing team of stylists!

Audrey Thomas and Dasha Stylist. Thank you ever so much for including me within this test shoot. The outfits were lush!
Here are a few images:

Uniqlo Shoot

I have recently purchased a new camera! A Canon EOS 5D MK2. And I know I haven’t blogged for a while but it is because I haven’t really used my new camera yet. But today I did a shoot!

I did a shoot for Hannah Townsend who is doing a degree in Fashion Styling. Most of the clothing is from high street brand Uniqlo and Hannah has modelled, as well as done the makeup, and we also got our friend Steve to model also.
I’m happy Hannah chose me to be the photographer for her project, and I just hope her AND Uniqlo like my images.

Here are some examples: